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Carved Holsters

I built these carved holsters for a pair of Crossman 357 C02 pellet guns. The pattern was based on one I saw in FO Baird’s Leather Secrets.  I worked on this set for over 40 hours and received an honorable mention at the 2012
Saskatoon Exhibition.  The detailed carving and mahogany color can stop a cowboy action shooter at a 100 feet.

Black Holsters

These holsters and gun belt were built for a cowboy action 45 calibre Ruger Vaquero marksman.  Our customer wanted a simple black rig with red stitching.  We were both pleased how these turned out.

Movember Contest

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Here is a video Stan submitted to a Movember contest.

Leather Boots

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These boots were a joint project between Stan Garchinski and the Alberta Boot Co in Calgary. Stan carved the tops and ABC built the boots.  Click Read More to check out the detail on these 15″ boots.

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